This week I have been pondering my next project, I’m desperate for something to really explore and delve into. My starting process for projects is usually a form of literature, to drive some new work I’ve picked out a few books that I am going to use and see where I end up.

I have loved Kaurs poetry for so long and finally picked up copies, I have to admit Milk and Honey is definitely my favourite and I am hoping to pick a few poems to create a series of images inspired by the words.

Pillow Thoughts is a new one for me, and Peppernells writing is utterly divine, much like Kaur, these poems are short and emotive and generally just beautiful! Definitely a poetry collection I would suggest to just about anyone.

The Patrick Melrose Series is something I’ve had on by book list for quite a while now, and as it’s currently being made into an on-screen adaption I’m very keen to read it before seeing the TV series. Never Mind is the first in the series and I can not wait to get started.

It’s been a pretty odd week for me, but I’m hoping that some reading and ideas planning will help bring the calm after the storm.

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